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saft is a Tcl extension that provides basic functionality to access image acquisition devices (scanners, cameras, ...) from a Tcl script. saft does not provide a GUI and does not depend on Tk.

saft provides commands to list available devices and their capabilities and - most important - to acquire images from those devices. For image acquisition these features are provided (condition is that the device in use does support the operation):

  • Select resolution
  • Select color mode and bitdepth
  • Select different sources (e.g. Flatbed, Automatic Document Feeder)
  • Produce indexed output files - useful with an ADF

The current release - saft 0.1 - is to be considered a development release. This means that the "API" might change in future releases. Furthermore, saft got only limited testing so far, there might be lots of bugs...

Currently, saft can talk to SANE only. It was tested on Linux, but should work on any platform, as long as SANE is installed and working. Support for TWAIN on Windows is planned and work in progress.

saft is distributed under the terms of the BSD 2-Clause license.

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